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Another Crappy Comic Strip
1A Triple Pokey Knockoff 19/4/2000, Monday
2A Triple Pokey Knockoff 29/5/2000, Tuesday
3A Triple Pokey Knockoff 39/6/2000, Wednesday
4A Trek to Barstow9/7/2000, Thursday
5A New Name9/8/2000, Friday
6A Pokey Cameo9/9/2000, Saturday
7An Intellectual Comic9/10/2000, Sunday
8More Nudity9/11/2000, Monday
9This Strip's Future9/12/2000, Tuesday
10Sounds Okay9/13/2000, Wednesday
11Brilliant Strategy9/14/2000, Thursday
12FOR MORE INFORMATION9/15/2000, Friday
13July Already9/16/2000, Saturday
14This Comic Sucks9/17/2000, Sunday
15Exciting Questions9/18/2000, Monday
16Fred and Jimmy9/19/2000, Tuesday
17My Big Mouth9/20/2000, Wednesday
18What's My Line9/21/2000, Thursday
19Pokey the Cactus9/22/2000, Friday
20Next Bus Outta Here9/23/2000, Saturday
21Goodbye from Califnoria9/24/2000, Sunday
22A Dealer9/25/2000, Monday
23Need a Distraction9/26/2000, Tuesday
24Luxembourg Air9/27/2000, Wednesday
25A Quarter!9/28/2000, Thursday
26Loop-Da-Loops9/29/2000, Friday
27Don't Grab the Cactus9/30/2000, Saturday
28Welcome to Barstow10/1/2000, Sunday
29SHAZAM! 110/2/2000, Monday
30Dialog-Driven Strip10/3/2000, Tuesday
31SHAZAM! 210/4/2000, Wednesday
32SHAZAM! 310/5/2000, Thursday
33My Roommate's Name10/6/2000, Friday
34My New Roomie10/7/2000, Saturday
35True, True10/8/2000, Sunday
36We've Got Our Lives10/9/2000, Monday
37Damn Force Beams10/10/2000, Tuesday
38End of the Ballgame10/12/2000, Thursday
39Just a Dream10/13/2000, Friday
40All-Nighter10/15/2000, Sunday
41Daily Comic10/16/2000, Monday
42Which'll It Be10/17/2000, Tuesday
43One Unit Course10/18/2000, Wednesday
44Sixteen Sections10/19/2000, Thursday
45I Want to Love10/20/2000, Friday
46And I Miss Him10/21/2000, Saturday
47ITCWACATC: Crappy Circus 110/22/2000, Sunday
48ITCWACATC: Garfred 110/23/2000, Monday
49ITCWACATC: B.Crap 110/24/2000, Tuesday
50ITCWACATC: Crapthy10/25/2000, Wednesday
51ITCWACATC: Beetle Crappy10/26/2000, Thursday
52ITCWACATC: Crapbert 110/27/2000, Friday
53ITCWACATC: Mary Worthless Piece of Crap 110/28/2000, Saturday
54Just Gettin' Started10/29/2000, Sunday
55Horrid Mask10/30/2000, Monday
56This Better?10/31/2000, Tuesday
57Beer Duds11/1/2000, Wednesday
58No Bed of Roses11/2/2000, Thursday
59Other People11/3/2000, Friday
60Cram It11/4/2000, Saturday
61I'm Hungry11/6/2000, Monday
62Speechless11/7/2000, Tuesday
63BUSH! GORE!11/8/2000, Wednesday
64The Brush Sweeps Softly11/9/2000, Thursday
65I Bombed It Quickly11/10/2000, Friday
66Veteran's Day11/11/2000, Saturday
67Laundry11/12/2000, Sunday
68Arm Reach11/13/2000, Monday
69We Have Urinals11/14/2000, Tuesday
70Only on Saturdays11/15/2000, Wednesday
71The Circle of Confusion Continues11/16/2000, Thursday
72Just Pack Up11/17/2000, Friday
73The Cleaning Lady11/18/2000, Saturday
74$500,000 Is Fine11/19/2000, Sunday
75Absentee Brain Cells11/20/2000, Monday
76Strip #7611/21/2000, Tuesday
77Wild Goose Chase11/22/2000, Wednesday
78The Locals11/23/2000, Thursday
79That's Life11/24/2000, Friday
80Even Deeper Down11/25/2000, Saturday
81Move On Home11/26/2000, Sunday
82Give a Penny11/27/2000, Monday
83To Be Ashamed11/28/2000, Tuesday
84Bloated11/30/2000, Thursday
85Class?12/1/2000, Friday
86Hippie Jive Talk12/2/2000, Saturday
87Big O12/3/2000, Sunday
88Who Cares12/4/2000, Monday
89Plup12/5/2000, Tuesday
90Like Your Style12/6/2000, Wednesday
91Congrats Dude12/7/2000, Thursday
92My First Final12/8/2000, Friday
93I Fold12/9/2000, Saturday
94America's Wang12/10/2000, Sunday
95Thirty Seconds 112/11/2000, Monday
96Thirty Seconds 212/12/2000, Tuesday
97R.A. Present12/13/2000, Wednesday
98Ten Minutes Later12/14/2000, Thursday
99Bumpin' Some Tunes12/15/2000, Friday
100The Scholarship12/16/2000, Saturday
101Blueprint12/17/2000, Sunday
102Secrets of the Trade12/18/2000, Monday
103Any Time Soon12/19/2000, Tuesday
104Chicken Wire12/20/2000, Wednesday
105Thistle Bowl Parade12/21/2000, Thursday
106Part Thy Skull12/22/2000, Friday
107Papier Mache and Fingerpaint12/23/2000, Saturday
108Merry Christmas 112/24/2000, Sunday
109From the Store12/25/2000, Monday
110One More Gift12/26/2000, Tuesday
111Useful Fingerpaint12/27/2000, Wednesday
112Useful Acetylene12/28/2000, Thursday
113Useful Stocking Stuffer12/29/2000, Friday
114A Simple Carry-On12/30/2000, Saturday
115Screw Battlebots12/31/2000, Sunday
116Rather Pedestrian1/1/2001, Monday
117Hit Every Pedestrian1/2/2001, Tuesday
118Broke It Already1/3/2001, Wednesday
119They Weren't Prepared1/4/2001, Thursday
120Kathie Lee1/5/2001, Friday
121That Ordeal's Over1/6/2001, Saturday
122Hardcore Sex 2061/7/2001, Sunday
123Liar Pills1/15/2001, Monday
124Your Own Punchline1/16/2001, Tuesday
125Nonsensical Cosines1/17/2001, Wednesday
126Damn Dirty Internet1/18/2001, Thursday
127It Sticks1/19/2001, Friday
128Stop At 'N'1/20/2001, Saturday
129Lovely Day1/21/2001, Sunday
130I Was Nervous1/22/2001, Monday
131Destruction Rains1/23/2001, Tuesday
132Entering Justfriendsville1/24/2001, Wednesday
133Rub It In1/25/2001, Thursday
134Truckload of Pot1/26/2001, Friday
135Engagement Ring Pop1/27/2001, Saturday
136Dirty Socks1/28/2001, Sunday
137The Greatest Person1/29/2001, Monday
138Into the Barrel1/30/2001, Tuesday
139Mr. Kicksalot1/31/2001, Wednesday
140Out of This Dump2/1/2001, Thursday
141Just Wet Myself2/2/2001, Friday
142Not That Easy2/3/2001, Saturday
143Its Damn Storyline2/4/2001, Sunday
144Needs Our Help2/5/2001, Monday
145Stalling the Plot2/6/2001, Tuesday
146No Quick Fixes2/7/2001, Wednesday
147Plot Hole-Inator 90002/8/2001, Thursday
148A Decent Education2/10/2001, Saturday
149Lemme Check2/13/2001, Tuesday
150Strip #1502/14/2001, Wednesday
151One Step2/15/2001, Thursday
152Stop Eating Twinkies2/16/2001, Friday
153Worse Art2/17/2001, Saturday
154Incomprehensible Blobs2/18/2001, Sunday
155Everybody's a Hypocrite2/19/2001, Monday
156Your Own Adventure2/20/2001, Tuesday
157But Would You?2/21/2001, Wednesday
158Peaceful Slumber2/22/2001, Thursday
159Half-Assed Creation2/23/2001, Friday
160All Together Now!2/24/2001, Saturday
161Say Goodbye2/25/2001, Sunday
162My Own Heart2/26/2001, Monday
163Beep Beep Snooze2/27/2001, Tuesday
164Mardi Gras2/28/2001, Wednesday
165This Comic's Drunk3/1/2001, Thursday
166Another Shot3/2/2001, Friday
167Not Marie3/3/2001, Saturday
168Still Not Marie3/5/2001, Monday
169I Fooled You3/6/2001, Tuesday
170Streak Party 20013/7/2001, Wednesday
171Nobody Notices3/8/2001, Thursday
172All Your Base3/9/2001, Friday
173Too Many Panels3/10/2001, Saturday
174Some Sort of Lesson3/11/2001, Sunday
175Interesting Topic3/12/2001, Monday
176Barstow Dandelions3/13/2001, Tuesday
177Pumped Up3/14/2001, Wednesday
178The Nardinator3/15/2001, Thursday
179XFL Cheerleaders3/16/2001, Friday
180Misspelled Barstool3/21/2001, Wednesday
181Mommy?3/22/2001, Thursday
182The Road to 2503/29/2001, Thursday
183He Only Cared3/30/2001, Friday
184City Slogans3/31/2001, Saturday
185Fond of Botany4/1/2001, Sunday
186With the Baggage4/2/2001, Monday
187Eyes Peeled4/3/2001, Tuesday
188Behind the Gatorade4/4/2001, Wednesday
189Careless Remark4/5/2001, Thursday
190Purple Monkey Pants4/6/2001, Friday
191Namby-Pambies4/7/2001, Saturday
192My God Body4/8/2001, Sunday
193That's Our Pokey4/9/2001, Monday
194Carry Me4/10/2001, Tuesday
195Leave Nothing4/11/2001, Wednesday
196You're Not Helping4/12/2001, Thursday
197Crushed Hopes4/13/2001, Friday
198You Idiot4/14/2001, Saturday
199ITCWACATC: Crappy Circus 24/15/2001, Sunday
200ITCWACATC: Garfred 24/16/2001, Monday
201ITCWACATC: B.Crap 24/17/2001, Tuesday
202ITCWACATC: Crappie4/18/2001, Wednesday
203ITCWACATC: Pokecrap4/19/2001, Thursday
204ITCWACATC: Crapbert 24/20/2001, Friday
205ITCWACATC: Mary Worthless Piece of Crap 24/21/2001, Saturday
206Proudly Educating4/22/2001, Sunday
207Enter the Random4/23/2001, Monday
208Good Break4/24/2001, Tuesday
209Dance a Jig4/25/2001, Wednesday
210Remember Justfriendsville4/26/2001, Thursday
211Extra Copy-Pasting4/27/2001, Friday
212Just So Tickly4/28/2001, Saturday
213Oughtta Be Good4/29/2001, Sunday
214Gladiator Spoof4/30/2001, Monday
215Timely Joke5/1/2001, Tuesday
216Gladiator II5/2/2001, Wednesday
217Freestyle It5/3/2001, Thursday
218That Damn Midget5/4/2001, Friday
219Editing Room5/5/2001, Saturday
220Badly Drawn Couch5/6/2001, Sunday
221You Sold It5/7/2001, Monday
222Boom in the Shot5/8/2001, Tuesday
223Marie's Scenes5/9/2001, Wednesday
224Sound Editing5/10/2001, Thursday
225The Sequel5/11/2001, Friday
226Watch the Fruits5/12/2001, Saturday
227Mr. Encino Man5/13/2001, Sunday
228Creative Liberty5/14/2001, Monday
229The Most STDs5/15/2001, Tuesday
230My Motives5/16/2001, Wednesday
231Hardcore Gay Porno5/17/2001, Thursday
232Stumbled Around5/18/2001, Friday
233Somehow Spurted5/19/2001, Saturday
234Rat-Bastards5/20/2001, Sunday
235There's One5/21/2001, Monday
236Bravissimo5/22/2001, Tuesday
237Awesome Movie5/23/2001, Wednesday
238Return to the Random5/24/2001, Thursday
239Poor Bastard5/25/2001, Friday
240Too Good5/26/2001, Saturday
241The Road Past 2505/27/2001, Sunday
242Fine By Me5/28/2001, Monday
243Humorous Old Chap5/29/2001, Tuesday
244Mullets from a Rodeo5/30/2001, Wednesday
245Final Four5/31/2001, Thursday
246How Boring6/1/2001, Friday
247These Comics Are Flying6/2/2001, Saturday
248Two More6/3/2001, Sunday
249Strip #2496/4/2001, Monday
250Strip #2506/5/2001, Tuesday
251Super-Funny6/6/2001, Wednesday
252I Woke Up6/7/2001, Thursday
253Our Contracts6/8/2001, Friday
254Sit on It6/9/2001, Saturday
255Lazy Sometimes6/10/2001, Sunday
256Catchy Slogan6/12/2001, Tuesday
257Being a Scab6/13/2001, Wednesday
258To Write a Joke6/14/2001, Thursday
259Marie Angry6/16/2001, Saturday
260Dedicated6/19/2001, Tuesday
261Single-Button Mice6/26/2001, Tuesday
262One Clear Shot6/27/2001, Wednesday
263Great Prop6/28/2001, Thursday
264Happy Fourth7/4/2001, Wednesday
265Say It Anyway10/16/2001, Tuesday
266My Mouse11/28/2001, Wednesday
267A Little Longer (Time of My Life)12/5/2001, Wednesday
268Holiday Hiatus12/18/2001, Tuesday
269BUSH1/22/2002, Tuesday
270Everybody Loses2/14/2002, Thursday
271Do Something8/31/2002, Saturday
272Some Television8/1/2003, Friday
273More Wasting8/2/2003, Saturday
274The Spirit8/3/2003, Sunday
275Daddy's Busy8/4/2003, Monday
276Real Classy8/5/2003, Tuesday
277Months of Slacking8/6/2003, Wednesday
278The American Dream8/7/2003, Thursday
279Drop That List8/8/2003, Friday
280Recruitment Letters8/9/2003, Saturday
281Frozen Dog Turd8/10/2003, Sunday
282Raunchy McPervmo8/11/2003, Monday
283Horrible Slogan8/12/2003, Tuesday
284Something's Fishy8/13/2003, Wednesday
285Hot Mamas8/14/2003, Thursday
286Never Gets Old8/15/2003, Friday
287Back on Top8/16/2003, Saturday
288A Simple Message8/17/2003, Sunday
289Lucrative Licensing Agreement8/18/2003, Monday
290Obscure Reference8/19/2003, Tuesday
291May Be a Myth8/20/2003, Wednesday
292Pseudo-Baby8/21/2003, Thursday
293Stupid Uterus8/22/2003, Friday
294Mr. Sassypants8/23/2003, Saturday
295A Better Understanding8/24/2003, Sunday
296Worst Elephant Ever9/2/2003, Tuesday
297Some Confusion9/3/2003, Wednesday
298Overall Hassle9/4/2003, Thursday
299Some Crazy Country9/5/2003, Friday
300Scientific Progress9/6/2003, Saturday
301POIT!9/7/2003, Sunday
302Places Unknown9/8/2003, Monday
303Barren Desert9/9/2003, Tuesday
304Cool Spring Water9/10/2003, Wednesday
305Rocked That Quiz9/11/2003, Thursday
306Phallic Mountain9/12/2003, Friday
307Sounds Illegal9/13/2003, Saturday
308Oreo-Turd9/14/2003, Sunday
309Summer of Whoring9/15/2003, Monday
310Have a Sip9/16/2003, Tuesday
311The Classics9/17/2003, Wednesday
312Precious Secret9/18/2003, Thursday
313Forgetting Something9/19/2003, Friday
314Boom-Boom's9/20/2003, Saturday
315Out of the City9/22/2003, Monday
316The Airport9/23/2003, Tuesday
317Take Her Heart9/24/2003, Wednesday
318Some Potted Cactus9/25/2003, Thursday
319A Talking Cactus9/26/2003, Friday
320Save Her9/28/2003, Sunday
321Rent-A-Jerks9/29/2003, Monday
322Saguaro Fury9/30/2003, Tuesday
323Classic Case10/1/2003, Wednesday
324This Whole Ordeal10/2/2003, Thursday
325Able to Rest10/3/2003, Friday
326Can't Compare10/6/2003, Monday
327Cacti Don't Molt10/7/2003, Tuesday
328Return to the Ground10/8/2003, Wednesday
329Not Coming Back10/9/2003, Thursday
330Live for You10/10/2003, Friday
331Crash a Few Classes10/12/2003, Sunday
332Just Like Whales10/13/2003, Monday
333Smartest Little Girl10/14/2003, Tuesday
334Wander around Campus10/15/2003, Wednesday
335My Skin Is Bug-Free!10/16/2003, Thursday
336Told You I Was Hardcore10/17/2003, Friday
337Smooth Move10/20/2003, Monday
338A Bit of Work10/21/2003, Tuesday
339A Real Crustacean10/22/2003, Wednesday
340Sure Learned a Lot10/23/2003, Thursday
341Indiana Jones10/24/2003, Friday
342Three Cheers for Jimmy10/28/2003, Tuesday
343Beauty Sleep10/29/2003, Wednesday
344Cool Camping Stove10/30/2003, Thursday
345Solid Detective Work10/31/2003, Friday
346Quite Enough Explanation11/2/2003, Sunday
347I'm So Happy!11/3/2003, Monday
348Killed a Guy11/4/2003, Tuesday
349Make Some Order11/5/2003, Wednesday
350Bullet Time11/6/2003, Thursday
351Sweet Revolutions11/8/2003, Saturday
352The Big News11/9/2003, Sunday
353Ye Jerks11/10/2003, Monday
354Simon Says11/11/2003, Tuesday
355Team Jackass11/12/2003, Wednesday
356Party Time11/13/2003, Thursday
357It's Saturday11/14/2003, Friday
358All the Homework11/17/2003, Monday
359We Eat Fertilizer11/18/2003, Tuesday
360This School Has11/19/2003, Wednesday
361Tough Decision11/20/2003, Thursday
362Only Questions11/21/2003, Friday
363Pretty Pointless11/23/2003, Sunday
364Another One11/24/2003, Monday
365Take in Some Rays!11/25/2003, Tuesday
366Stupid Tenure12/1/2003, Monday
367A Great Professor12/3/2003, Wednesday
368Ever-Inflating Tuition12/4/2003, Thursday
369Dare to Dream12/5/2003, Friday
370That's Just Great12/8/2003, Monday
371Ring Pop Lyric12/9/2003, Tuesday
372I Was Busy12/10/2003, Wednesday
373Eat the Evil Snake12/11/2003, Thursday
374Like a Cretin12/12/2003, Friday
375Move That Thing12/14/2003, Sunday
376Doing the Hustle12/15/2003, Monday
377Bad Rhyme Forced12/16/2003, Tuesday
378Pretty Good12/17/2003, Wednesday
379Two Hundred Minutes12/18/2003, Thursday
380Sniff Really Hard12/19/2003, Friday
381Tired of Everything12/21/2003, Sunday
382Tired of Dreaming12/22/2003, Monday
383All These Temblors12/23/2003, Tuesday
384Merely an Eventuality12/29/2003, Monday
385Roy Scheider12/30/2003, Tuesday
386The Drainage Ditch12/31/2003, Wednesday
387It's 20041/1/2004, Thursday
388Nice Self-Control1/2/2004, Friday
389I Can't Believe1/4/2004, Sunday
390Can't Argue1/5/2004, Monday
391Completely Swamped1/7/2004, Wednesday
392Here I Come!1/8/2004, Thursday
393Black Panther Rally1/9/2004, Friday
394Think "Red"1/11/2004, Sunday
395Score a Point1/13/2004, Tuesday
396The Wrong Bush1/14/2004, Wednesday
397Meli Kelikiboobies1/15/2004, Thursday
398Bearing Fruit1/16/2004, Friday
399Escaped to Campus1/18/2004, Sunday
400Talk of Slaughter1/19/2004, Monday
401I Feel Old1/20/2004, Tuesday
402One Hell of a Poking1/21/2004, Wednesday
403Have a Trunk1/22/2004, Thursday
404Wrapped Up1/23/2004, Friday
405Following His Nose1/26/2004, Monday
406Mental Breakdown1/27/2004, Tuesday
407Blocking the Ants1/28/2004, Wednesday
408It Just Had to Be Humans1/29/2004, Thursday
409All the Answers1/30/2004, Friday
410What the Hell2/2/2004, Monday
411International Cactus Day2/3/2004, Tuesday
412Premium Plant Food2/4/2004, Wednesday
413More Pathetic2/8/2004, Sunday
414Wants and Purposes2/9/2004, Monday
415Stupid Tusks2/10/2004, Tuesday
416Extreme Discomfort2/11/2004, Wednesday
417Tin Foil and Tinkertoys2/13/2004, Friday
418John Lennon's Guitar2/18/2004, Wednesday
419Twelve Bowling Balls2/22/2004, Sunday
420Done This Before2/23/2004, Monday
421Fat Tuesday2/24/2004, Tuesday
422Of Being a Trunk2/26/2004, Thursday
423Trick up My Sleeve2/27/2004, Friday
424Brainstorming3/1/2004, Monday
425They Smell Better3/2/2004, Tuesday
426Too Much about School3/3/2004, Wednesday
427Make My Punishment3/8/2004, Monday
428Too Quiet3/9/2004, Tuesday
429Some Peace3/10/2004, Wednesday
430Dump Him Again3/12/2004, Friday
431Can Still Dig3/16/2004, Tuesday
432Grow Wings and Fly3/17/2004, Wednesday
433Self-Esteem and Confidence3/18/2004, Thursday
434What a Season3/22/2004, Monday
435Extra Chromosome3/23/2004, Tuesday
436Sexy Wrath3/24/2004, Wednesday
437Move By Farting3/25/2004, Thursday
438Poking You Along3/26/2004, Friday
439Fruit Smoothie3/29/2004, Monday
440Losing Sight3/30/2004, Tuesday
441A Lone Voice3/31/2004, Wednesday
442A Strip4/1/2004, Thursday
443Speeding Horse Trailer4/2/2004, Friday
444The Goddamn Fast Lane4/5/2004, Monday
445Zoop! Sucker!4/6/2004, Tuesday
446Asking a Weedwhacker4/7/2004, Wednesday
447Bag o' Poop4/8/2004, Thursday
448The Real Fertilizer4/9/2004, Friday
449Not Messing Around4/12/2004, Monday
450Currently Resolving4/13/2004, Tuesday
451Get More Lax4/14/2004, Wednesday
452The Bottom of the Barrel4/15/2004, Thursday
453CompSci Hopefuls4/19/2004, Monday
454Cramping My Style4/20/2004, Tuesday
455Shizzle Woo4/21/2004, Wednesday
456Worst Tour Guide4/22/2004, Thursday
457Blissfully Ignorant Spirit4/23/2004, Friday
458One Possible Explanation4/26/2004, Monday
459Wait for It4/27/2004, Tuesday
460Drink Some Water4/28/2004, Wednesday
461Stupid Pickle Jar5/4/2004, Tuesday
462Ass and Mind5/5/2004, Wednesday
463Delicate Chemicals5/6/2004, Thursday
464Hapless Girl's Panties5/7/2004, Friday
465Gross Misconfiguration5/10/2004, Monday
466Super-Angry Nutcase5/11/2004, Tuesday
467Being Such An Idiot5/12/2004, Wednesday
468Interesting Characters5/13/2004, Thursday
469Extracurricular Activity5/14/2004, Friday
470Fred Crystal Crystal Fred5/17/2004, Monday
471Rage Gland5/18/2004, Tuesday
472Captain Interjection5/20/2004, Thursday
473Platform Preferences5/21/2004, Friday
474What a Season 25/24/2004, Monday
475My Only Face5/25/2004, Tuesday
476Need a Kick-start5/26/2004, Wednesday
477Have a Happy Ending5/27/2004, Thursday
478Of Being a Cactus5/28/2004, Friday
479Not from Fresno6/1/2004, Tuesday
480Quite French6/2/2004, Wednesday
481A Guy Like Fred6/3/2004, Thursday
482These Fingers6/4/2004, Friday
483Reprehensible Slob6/7/2004, Monday
484A Few Panty Glimpses6/9/2004, Wednesday
485This Tent Is Haunted6/10/2004, Thursday
486Kinda Bored6/11/2004, Friday
487Shoot It and Go6/15/2004, Tuesday
488Shoot Beat and Slice6/17/2004, Thursday
489Thinking Practice6/19/2004, Saturday
490Blame It on the Romans6/21/2004, Monday
491A Little Bit Off6/23/2004, Wednesday
492Cane Too Much6/25/2004, Friday
493What Zany Insults6/27/2004, Sunday
494Just Such Thrills6/29/2004, Tuesday
495Something More Productive7/1/2004, Thursday
496Quite a Blast7/6/2004, Tuesday
497Anti-Lying Anti-Swearing7/8/2004, Thursday
498Phone Caught Fire7/10/2004, Saturday
499The Closet Doesn't Count7/12/2004, Monday
500STRIP NUMBER FIVE HUNDRED7/13/2004, Tuesday
501To the Bears7/16/2004, Friday
502Memorize the Route7/19/2004, Monday
503Enough Water7/21/2004, Wednesday
504Enjoying Scenery7/23/2004, Friday
505Pink Canyon7/25/2004, Sunday
506Steer You Fool7/27/2004, Tuesday
507Hit the Dirt7/29/2004, Thursday
508Leave the Bum8/2/2004, Monday
509Close to Sundown8/4/2004, Wednesday
510Night Falls8/6/2004, Friday
511What Happens to Jerks8/8/2004, Sunday
512Forest Settling8/10/2004, Tuesday
513A Healthy Alternative8/12/2004, Thursday
514These Strips Count8/14/2004, Saturday
515For the Beast to Pass8/16/2004, Monday
516It's Hideous8/18/2004, Wednesday
517Anybody Anything8/20/2004, Friday
518Some Damn Squirrel8/23/2004, Monday
519Should Look Up8/25/2004, Wednesday
520Notice Anything8/27/2004, Friday
521Out of My Face8/31/2004, Tuesday
522No More Sun9/2/2004, Thursday
523Hopping Mad9/6/2004, Monday
524And Furthermore9/8/2004, Wednesday
525For the Peanuts9/10/2004, Friday
526Unbelievable Events9/13/2004, Monday
527Rancid Yogurt9/15/2004, Wednesday
528Now Is the Time9/17/2004, Friday
529Too Damn Short9/20/2004, Monday
530Inferior to Mascara9/22/2004, Wednesday
531Grow Some Balls9/24/2004, Friday
532Rock9/27/2004, Monday
533Obedience School9/29/2004, Wednesday
534A Great School10/4/2004, Monday
535Grace of Porn10/6/2004, Wednesday
536Sat on the Phone10/8/2004, Friday
537Two Weeks10/25/2004, Monday
538It's My Birthday10/28/2004, Thursday
539Happy Bir10/29/2004, Friday
540Take One11/1/2004, Monday
541Election 200411/3/2004, Wednesday
542The Heart of Africa11/5/2004, Friday
543Party Nutjob11/8/2004, Monday
544Thinking about Him11/10/2004, Wednesday
545Jack Daniels11/12/2004, Friday
546Increase Thrust11/15/2004, Monday
547Odd Circumstance11/22/2004, Monday
548Bunch of Turkeys11/24/2004, Wednesday
549To Do11/29/2004, Monday
550Minimum Progress12/1/2004, Wednesday
551Nice Day12/3/2004, Friday
552I'm Not Biting12/6/2004, Monday
553Damn It12/8/2004, Wednesday
554Being Outsmarted12/15/2004, Wednesday
555A Good Student12/17/2004, Friday
556Like It's Winter12/21/2004, Tuesday
557Our Own Finals12/23/2004, Thursday
558Be Merry12/25/2004, Saturday
559The Goods12/28/2004, Tuesday
560Other Quarters12/30/2004, Thursday
561Optometry Final1/3/2005, Monday
562Gnawing Criticism1/4/2005, Tuesday
563Date a Widow1/5/2005, Wednesday
564Drawing This Nonsense1/6/2005, Thursday
565Poetry Sucks1/7/2005, Friday
566Prepared a Skit1/9/2005, Sunday
567To the Toilet1/10/2005, Monday
568A Real Effort1/11/2005, Tuesday
569Minutes Pass1/12/2005, Wednesday
570Asskicking 3301/13/2005, Thursday
571School Kicks1/14/2005, Friday
572My Theme Song1/16/2005, Sunday
573I Hate School1/18/2005, Tuesday
574Any Shreds of Spirit1/19/2005, Wednesday
575What You Get1/20/2005, Thursday
576A New Song1/21/2005, Friday
577Lucky I'm Desperate1/22/2005, Saturday
578Our Cactus Brains1/23/2005, Sunday
579Wasn't Really Listening1/24/2005, Monday
580He Said / She Said1/25/2005, Tuesday
581She Said / He Said1/26/2005, Wednesday
582Peanuts and Carpet Lint1/27/2005, Thursday
583Yeah-huh1/28/2005, Friday
584Trying to Talk1/29/2005, Saturday
585Good One1/30/2005, Sunday
586Moment to Myself1/31/2005, Monday
587Chill Pill2/2/2005, Wednesday
588Sat on a Bullet2/3/2005, Thursday
589Call It Even2/4/2005, Friday
590Bizarre Japanese Band2/5/2005, Saturday
591Fire in My Soul2/6/2005, Sunday
592Misdirect My Foot2/7/2005, Monday
593My Photosynthesizing Brother2/8/2005, Tuesday
594The Crazy Sauce2/9/2005, Wednesday
595Feelings of Inadequacy2/10/2005, Thursday
596Suck up a Trunkful2/11/2005, Friday
597Your Name Is Buttface2/12/2005, Saturday
598Our Wrath2/13/2005, Sunday
599Amnesia Nonsense2/14/2005, Monday
600Uncontrollable Sobbing2/16/2005, Wednesday
601Really Struggle2/17/2005, Thursday
602Professional Liar2/18/2005, Friday
603Cooling My Jets2/19/2005, Saturday
604That Bigger Cactus2/20/2005, Sunday
605Trembling with the Passion2/21/2005, Monday
606My Turgid Bladder2/22/2005, Tuesday
607A Saucy Lass2/23/2005, Wednesday
608Out of My Pot2/24/2005, Thursday
609Go On Living2/25/2005, Friday
610Go Time2/26/2005, Saturday
611Remember Going Nuts2/27/2005, Sunday
612Part of The Author2/28/2005, Monday
613Not Very Interesting3/2/2005, Wednesday
614Unbridled Zaniness3/3/2005, Thursday
615A Tingly Sensation3/4/2005, Friday
616Close Your Eyes and Think3/5/2005, Saturday
617Block of Brie3/6/2005, Sunday
618Feel Fat and Ugly3/7/2005, Monday
619Nice Day Today3/8/2005, Tuesday
620Why Jimbo3/9/2005, Wednesday
621Trunk Is Clogged3/10/2005, Thursday
622Captain Buzzkill3/11/2005, Friday
623Little Girl's Mom's Name3/12/2005, Saturday
624Face the Music3/13/2005, Sunday
625Crapped Out Miles Away3/14/2005, Monday
626The Same Courses3/16/2005, Wednesday
627That School Thing3/17/2005, Thursday
628Some Crap To Do3/18/2005, Friday
629Everybody or Nobody3/19/2005, Saturday
630Preach It Brother3/20/2005, Sunday
631I Can Quit3/26/2005, Saturday
632Stupid Friend Cacti3/27/2005, Sunday
633Back to Barstow3/28/2005, Monday
634Au Contraire3/29/2005, Tuesday
635Personal Flamethrower3/30/2005, Wednesday
636The Gastric Kind3/31/2005, Thursday
637ACCS Is Over4/1/2005, Friday
638Dream or Something4/3/2005, Sunday
639Getting Weirder4/4/2005, Monday
640Glorious Day4/5/2005, Tuesday
641Damn Bedwetter4/6/2005, Wednesday
642Captain Ettiquette4/7/2005, Thursday
643ToiletCam4/8/2005, Friday
644Persuade a Girl4/9/2005, Saturday
645Crazy Or Stupid4/10/2005, Sunday
646Down South Too4/11/2005, Monday
647Specific Advice4/12/2005, Tuesday
648A Little Deluded4/13/2005, Wednesday
649Bastion of Self-Confidence4/14/2005, Thursday
650Packing Prophylactics4/16/2005, Saturday
651Our Elaborate Ruse4/17/2005, Sunday
652Masked Assailant4/18/2005, Monday
653Cactus Specialty4/19/2005, Tuesday
654When Dinner Is4/20/2005, Wednesday
655Couldn't Be Trouble4/21/2005, Thursday
656Something Didn't Follow4/22/2005, Friday
657Just Stop4/23/2005, Saturday
658Crystal Flipped4/24/2005, Sunday
659The Content Bull4/25/2005, Monday
660Respect My Rights4/26/2005, Tuesday
661Your Treat4/27/2005, Wednesday
662A Little Lesson4/28/2005, Thursday
663Earplugs4/29/2005, Friday
664Tough Shit for Everybody!4/30/2005, Saturday
665Lose Your Head5/2/2005, Monday
666What Chick5/3/2005, Tuesday
667All Bedroom Privileges5/4/2005, Wednesday
668Slightly Political5/5/2005, Thursday
669An Alarming Rate5/6/2005, Friday
670Box of Legos5/7/2005, Saturday
671Living with Primates5/8/2005, Sunday
672Delusional Narcissist5/9/2005, Monday
673Prolong the Joke5/10/2005, Tuesday
674Convincing You5/11/2005, Wednesday
675Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!5/12/2005, Thursday
676About Enrolling5/13/2005, Friday
677Yeah Chicks5/14/2005, Saturday
678Something He Believed5/16/2005, Monday
679Name That Song5/17/2005, Tuesday
680Everybody Loses Again5/18/2005, Wednesday
681I Am Bettered5/19/2005, Thursday
682I Need Some5/20/2005, Friday
683Such Dorks5/21/2005, Saturday
684Abbott and Costello5/22/2005, Sunday
685That's Not It5/23/2005, Monday
686Alpo5/24/2005, Tuesday
687Shit No5/25/2005, Wednesday
688Back East Somewhere5/26/2005, Thursday
689My Proverbial Thumb5/27/2005, Friday
690Two Lanes of Monotony5/28/2005, Saturday
691Reach My Butt5/29/2005, Sunday
692First Few Legs5/30/2005, Monday
693One Bland Hour5/31/2005, Tuesday
694ITCWACATC: B.Crap 36/2/2005, Thursday
695ITCWACATC: Crappy Jumble6/3/2005, Friday
696ITCWACATC: Crappy Blues6/4/2005, Saturday
697ITCWACATC: An Even Crappier Comic Strip6/5/2005, Sunday
698ITCWACATC: Zitcraps Or Something6/6/2005, Monday
699ITCWACATC: For Better Or For Crap6/7/2005, Tuesday
700ITCWACATC: Mary Worthless Piece of Crap 36/8/2005, Wednesday
701The Road Is Overrated6/9/2005, Thursday
702Any Good Books6/10/2005, Friday
703Something Valuable6/11/2005, Saturday
704You'll Get Yours6/12/2005, Sunday
705Sure Thing6/13/2005, Monday
706This Is Barstow6/14/2005, Tuesday
707Trying to Accomplish6/15/2005, Wednesday
708Laughing Time6/17/2005, Friday
709Telegraphed6/18/2005, Saturday
710A Special Message6/19/2005, Sunday
711Temporarily Deaf6/20/2005, Monday
712Horrible Machine6/21/2005, Tuesday
713Swamp Gas6/22/2005, Wednesday
714Cartography Class6/23/2005, Thursday
715Newfound Bigness6/24/2005, Friday
716Extreme Smarts6/25/2005, Saturday
717Peanut Butter Fountain6/26/2005, Sunday
718AdCouncil Jerks6/27/2005, Monday
719What a Plan6/28/2005, Tuesday
720Bingo Bitches6/29/2005, Wednesday
721I Start Killing6/30/2005, Thursday
722Large Avian Creature7/2/2005, Saturday
723Slice of Bread7/3/2005, Sunday
724No Finals7/4/2005, Monday
725Terribly Obvious7/5/2005, Tuesday
726Smartness Radiation7/6/2005, Wednesday
727Concerning Perspective7/7/2005, Thursday
728Back to Normal Smarts7/8/2005, Friday
729My Pills Silly7/9/2005, Saturday
730You Drive a Stick-Shift7/10/2005, Sunday
731The Bathroom Rug7/11/2005, Monday
732Sunstroke Maybe7/12/2005, Tuesday
733Sweet Carbon Dioxide7/13/2005, Wednesday
734Alone in the House7/14/2005, Thursday
735Abundant Humidity7/16/2005, Saturday
736Your Water Better7/17/2005, Sunday
737Really Something There7/18/2005, Monday
738Switch Bodies7/19/2005, Tuesday
739Wasn't Exciting7/20/2005, Wednesday
740A Hard Bargain7/21/2005, Thursday
741Obnoxious Urges7/22/2005, Friday
742Stand Up Straight7/23/2005, Saturday
743Total Satisfaction7/24/2005, Sunday
744Got No Beef7/25/2005, Monday
745Returning the Favor7/26/2005, Tuesday
746Taking a Stand7/27/2005, Wednesday
747Straight Now7/28/2005, Thursday
748Beat It Jimmy7/29/2005, Friday
749Turn That Frown7/30/2005, Saturday
750Delicate Conversation7/31/2005, Sunday
751Disjoint Insult8/1/2005, Monday
752Like Being Funny8/3/2005, Wednesday
753Pair of Knockers8/4/2005, Thursday
754Supposed To8/5/2005, Friday
755Two Questions8/6/2005, Saturday
756Always Plump8/7/2005, Sunday
757To Complain8/8/2005, Monday
758Rookie Mistake8/9/2005, Tuesday
759Standing Here8/10/2005, Wednesday
760Say Six Months8/11/2005, Thursday
761Fit up the Stairs8/12/2005, Friday
762Yet Another Spider8/13/2005, Saturday
763Coffee Filter8/14/2005, Sunday
764August Is8/15/2005, Monday
765Excessive Noise8/16/2005, Tuesday
766Nap Zone8/17/2005, Wednesday
767Ravenous Horny8/18/2005, Thursday
768Slowly Grate8/19/2005, Friday
769Smell Something8/20/2005, Saturday
770Community Outreach8/21/2005, Sunday
771Naked Hula8/22/2005, Monday
772Eat Skunks8/23/2005, Tuesday
773Dog Days8/24/2005, Wednesday
774No Chance8/25/2005, Thursday
775Fewer Guns8/26/2005, Friday
776Cheese Wrestling8/28/2005, Sunday
777Everybody Gets Scared8/29/2005, Monday
778Trouble's Brewing8/30/2005, Tuesday
779These Monstrosities8/31/2005, Wednesday
780Without Me9/2/2005, Friday
781Want Something9/3/2005, Saturday
782Alexandretta9/4/2005, Sunday
783Cactus Feeeeelings9/5/2005, Monday
784Bad Fertilizer9/6/2005, Tuesday
785Faith and Begorra9/7/2005, Wednesday
786Happen Again9/8/2005, Thursday
787Hollowed-out Fruit9/9/2005, Friday
788Heap of Work9/10/2005, Saturday
789Music's Pumping9/11/2005, Sunday
790Old Man Grimbley's9/12/2005, Monday
791Potty Time9/13/2005, Tuesday
792So Deserted9/14/2005, Wednesday
793Some Good9/16/2005, Friday
794Accidental Nudity9/17/2005, Saturday
795Numerous Bitchy Narcissists9/18/2005, Sunday
796The Trebuchet9/19/2005, Monday
797Dung Winged9/20/2005, Tuesday
798Spare Batteries9/21/2005, Wednesday
799Keeping It Fresh9/22/2005, Thursday
800Anything Very Cunning9/23/2005, Friday
801All Those Kegs9/24/2005, Saturday
802Dumb of You9/25/2005, Sunday
803I'm No Muppet9/26/2005, Monday
804Like a Robot9/27/2005, Tuesday
805Never My Birthday9/28/2005, Wednesday
806After Anybody9/29/2005, Thursday
807Our Precious Water9/30/2005, Friday
808Chivalry Is Dead10/2/2005, Sunday
809That Quarterback10/3/2005, Monday
810Gridiron Superstar10/4/2005, Tuesday
811Rushing to Campus10/5/2005, Wednesday
812Off the Hook10/6/2005, Thursday
813StickFight 200010/7/2005, Friday
814Imagining Things10/8/2005, Saturday
815Simplistic Thinking10/9/2005, Sunday
816Sure Are Touchy10/10/2005, Monday
817Elephant: A Study10/11/2005, Tuesday
818Some Sort of Art10/12/2005, Wednesday
819Bedtime for Bonzo10/13/2005, Thursday
820With Pleasure10/14/2005, Friday
821Too Lazy10/16/2005, Sunday
822Feels Backward10/17/2005, Monday
823Size of an Elephant10/18/2005, Tuesday
824The Worst of Plants10/19/2005, Wednesday
825Freestyle This Bitch10/20/2005, Thursday
826Haven't Been Around10/21/2005, Friday
827Go for Days10/22/2005, Saturday
828Ridiculous Puss10/23/2005, Sunday
829Perfect Rapport10/24/2005, Monday
830Guy Starts Throwing10/25/2005, Tuesday
831Got a Nickel10/26/2005, Wednesday
832Do You Mind10/27/2005, Thursday
833Come Play10/28/2005, Friday
834Big Package10/29/2005, Saturday
835Copy of Yesterday's10/30/2005, Sunday
836Partly Cloudy10/31/2005, Monday
837Mission Accomplished11/2/2005, Wednesday
838Drunk by Lunch11/3/2005, Thursday
839Trying Very Hard11/4/2005, Friday
840Best Use11/5/2005, Saturday
841One of Us11/6/2005, Sunday
842Acts Together11/7/2005, Monday
843Let Crystal Down11/8/2005, Tuesday
844Exact Same Thickness11/9/2005, Wednesday
845Going To Unpot11/10/2005, Thursday
846Get Tuned In11/11/2005, Friday
847Meaningful Conversations11/12/2005, Saturday
848Little Girl Was Right11/13/2005, Sunday
849Great Boyfriend11/14/2005, Monday
850More Important Things11/16/2005, Wednesday
851Another Plant in the Park11/17/2005, Thursday
852My Only Regret11/18/2005, Friday
853A Pretty Crappy Story11/19/2005, Saturday
854Hand-In-Warm-Water11/20/2005, Sunday
855What's This Liquid11/21/2005, Monday
856Wonder No More11/22/2005, Tuesday
857You Are Little Girl11/23/2005, Wednesday
858Can Ridges11/24/2005, Thursday
859Yesterday Hasn't Happened11/25/2005, Friday
860My Gynecologist11/26/2005, Saturday
861Somewhat Hollow11/27/2005, Sunday
862Starch and Superglue11/28/2005, Monday
863Both Barrels11/29/2005, Tuesday
864Grow a Little11/30/2005, Wednesday
865Under a Hat12/2/2005, Friday
866Superglue Too12/3/2005, Saturday
867Par for the Course12/4/2005, Sunday
868All Stretched Out12/5/2005, Monday
869Plants Had Nerves12/6/2005, Tuesday
870Me Feel Loved12/7/2005, Wednesday
871Probably Not Alone12/8/2005, Thursday
872TGIF12/9/2005, Friday
873Saturday Now12/10/2005, Saturday
874System of Self-Parody12/11/2005, Sunday
875You Sneezed12/12/2005, Monday
876One Hundred Percent12/13/2005, Tuesday
877Marco Polo12/14/2005, Wednesday
878Spew a Zinger12/16/2005, Friday
879The Ol' Self-Esteem12/17/2005, Saturday
880Everybody Flipped Out12/18/2005, Sunday
881She's Mad12/19/2005, Monday
882Quite Grotesque12/20/2005, Tuesday
883Punching You12/21/2005, Wednesday
884Our Planet's Resources12/22/2005, Thursday
885Gun Heart12/28/2005, Wednesday
886Tang Before the Gang12/29/2005, Thursday
887That Lasagne12/30/2005, Friday
888Not Even Noon12/31/2005, Saturday
889Sarah Jessica Parker1/1/2006, Sunday
890Looking To Swing1/2/2006, Monday
891Show You Guts1/3/2006, Tuesday
892Can't Lift 3501/4/2006, Wednesday
893Little French Maids1/5/2006, Thursday
894All-Natural Skylight1/6/2006, Friday
895No Back Door1/7/2006, Saturday
896I Kinda Like1/8/2006, Sunday
897Electrical Fires1/9/2006, Monday
898Jerk Peers1/10/2006, Tuesday
899Our New Joke1/11/2006, Wednesday
900Something Useful1/12/2006, Thursday
901Production Tech1/13/2006, Friday
902Fresh Faces1/14/2006, Saturday
903Less You Think1/15/2006, Sunday
904Eleven-Month Deal1/16/2006, Monday
905Tiny Paper Packets1/17/2006, Tuesday
906Minerals in Packets1/18/2006, Wednesday
907Waste of Atoms1/19/2006, Thursday
908Botanical Gardens1/20/2006, Friday
909Pitiful Root Network1/21/2006, Saturday
910Blair Witch 2 Sucks1/22/2006, Sunday
911Yes Likely No1/23/2006, Monday
912Salted the Toilet1/24/2006, Tuesday
913Right in My Pot1/25/2006, Wednesday
914Wither and Die1/26/2006, Thursday
915Jerk's Stupid Ball1/27/2006, Friday
916Poetic Word Problems1/28/2006, Saturday
917The Personals Section1/29/2006, Sunday
918Such Fulfillment1/30/2006, Monday
919Valuable Information1/31/2006, Tuesday
920The Last Word2/1/2006, Wednesday
921Nothing Forever2/2/2006, Thursday
922Cactus with a Daughter2/3/2006, Friday
923Mission Is Clear2/4/2006, Saturday
924Why You Phrased It2/5/2006, Sunday
925Violent Academic Fraud2/6/2006, Monday
926Died Yesterday2/7/2006, Tuesday
927Delightful Individuals2/8/2006, Wednesday
928Supposed To Save2/9/2006, Thursday
929Did the Opposite2/10/2006, Friday
930Massive Ear Infection2/11/2006, Saturday
931Just Go Outside2/12/2006, Sunday
932Empty Tiny Paper Packets2/13/2006, Monday
933Feeling Betrayed2/14/2006, Tuesday
934Sweet Home2/15/2006, Wednesday
935At Work and Play2/16/2006, Thursday
936Crystal Pepsi2/17/2006, Friday
937Trade Body Fluids2/18/2006, Saturday
938Associate with Traitors2/19/2006, Sunday
939Can't Be More2/20/2006, Monday
940Hanging Around2/21/2006, Tuesday
941What We Do2/22/2006, Wednesday
942Back to Normal2/23/2006, Thursday
943Normal Routine2/25/2006, Saturday
944The Five Dollars2/26/2006, Sunday
945Some Tail2/27/2006, Monday
946The Birds and the Bees2/28/2006, Tuesday
947Launch Date3/1/2006, Wednesday
948Train Whistle3/2/2006, Thursday
949Problem-Solving Thing3/3/2006, Friday
950Saturday Huh3/4/2006, Saturday
951Use Toilet Paper3/5/2006, Sunday
952Other Perks3/6/2006, Monday
953Did the Crime3/7/2006, Tuesday
954Plunk This Plunger3/8/2006, Wednesday
955A Quick Peck3/9/2006, Thursday
956Ready for This3/10/2006, Friday
957Hollowed-Out3/11/2006, Saturday
958Son of Sam3/12/2006, Sunday
959Porn Grows on Trees3/13/2006, Monday
960Zero Hassle3/14/2006, Tuesday
961Watching Dr. Phil3/15/2006, Wednesday
962Stupid Stuck Train Whistle3/16/2006, Thursday
963Just the Thing3/18/2006, Saturday
964Womanly Troubles3/19/2006, Sunday
965Plungerhead3/20/2006, Monday
966Typical Doink3/21/2006, Tuesday
967Ear of Corn3/22/2006, Wednesday
968Bucket of Sand3/23/2006, Thursday
969Seem Very Grateful3/24/2006, Friday
970Ill Effects3/25/2006, Saturday
971Swimming in My Pot3/26/2006, Sunday
972Senior Project3/27/2006, Monday
973Forgot3/28/2006, Tuesday
974Total Dodongoloid3/29/2006, Wednesday
975Total Solar Eclipse3/30/2006, Thursday
976Faceless Cactus3/31/2006, Friday
977An Incorrect Equation4/1/2006, Saturday
978Keep Looking4/2/2006, Sunday
979The New Trick4/3/2006, Monday
980Don't Do Anything4/4/2006, Tuesday
981Pushing Pills4/5/2006, Wednesday
982Juicy Stuff4/6/2006, Thursday
983My Quirks4/7/2006, Friday
984Photosynthesis Flowing4/8/2006, Saturday
985Say for Yourself4/9/2006, Sunday
986I Never4/10/2006, Monday
987Bitch Please4/11/2006, Tuesday
988Glass Ceiling4/12/2006, Wednesday
989Thousand Heart Attacks4/13/2006, Thursday
990Brooklyn Dodgers4/14/2006, Friday
991A Terrible Liar4/15/2006, Saturday
992Ranch Packets4/17/2006, Monday
993Vanilla Ice4/18/2006, Tuesday
994Cactus Heaven4/19/2006, Wednesday
995The Red Thing4/20/2006, Thursday
996The Good Parts4/21/2006, Friday
997Roommate's Keeper4/23/2006, Sunday
998Take Candy4/24/2006, Monday
999The Latest Dirt4/25/2006, Tuesday
1000I Remember4/26/2006, Wednesday
1001Further Miswatchery4/27/2006, Thursday
1002Miss Me4/28/2006, Friday
1003Mean to Me4/29/2006, Saturday
1004In the Air4/30/2006, Sunday
1005Joke about Windows5/1/2006, Monday
1006Change Their Light Bulbs5/2/2006, Tuesday
1007Like Windows5/3/2006, Wednesday
1008That Mr. Gates5/4/2006, Thursday
1009Technologically Inferior5/5/2006, Friday
1010To My Grave5/6/2006, Saturday
1011Rife with Bugs5/7/2006, Sunday
1012Being Amorphous5/8/2006, Monday
1013The Wrong Place5/9/2006, Tuesday
1014The Laboratory5/10/2006, Wednesday
1015To a T5/11/2006, Thursday
1016It's Braindead5/12/2006, Friday
1017Tired of Looking5/13/2006, Saturday
1018What's Wrong with Peaches5/14/2006, Sunday
1019Worst Knock-Knock Joke5/15/2006, Monday
1020The Worst5/16/2006, Tuesday
1021Always Be Talking5/17/2006, Wednesday
1022Forever and a Day5/18/2006, Thursday
1023Ice Cream5/19/2006, Friday
1024Fan Strip #15/20/2006, Saturday
1025Fan Strip #25/21/2006, Sunday
1026Curse You Dad5/22/2006, Monday
1027Like OJ5/23/2006, Tuesday
1028Elton Brown5/24/2006, Wednesday
1029Hey Jerkface5/25/2006, Thursday
1030Need To Yawn5/26/2006, Friday
1031Am I Dreaming?5/27/2006, Saturday
1032More Nerd Rage5/28/2006, Sunday
1033Brilliance via Fidelity5/29/2006, Monday
1034Right Porn5/30/2006, Tuesday
1035Lousy Reasons5/31/2006, Wednesday
1036A Masterpiece6/1/2006, Thursday
1037Princess Peach6/2/2006, Friday
1038Drone On and On6/3/2006, Saturday
1039Mild Heat Wave6/4/2006, Sunday
1040Keep Dreaming Chumpy6/5/2006, Monday
1041Completely Awesome6/6/2006, Tuesday
1042A Thousand Years of Wisdom6/7/2006, Wednesday
1043Plans Out These Strips6/8/2006, Thursday
1044Hair Cut6/9/2006, Friday
1045Bob Denver6/10/2006, Saturday
1046Where's That Girlfriend6/11/2006, Sunday
1047Wrong Pops6/12/2006, Monday
1048Interrupting Cow6/13/2006, Tuesday
1049World Cup Fever6/14/2006, Wednesday
1050Brachium and Kobongo6/15/2006, Thursday
1051The Rebels' English6/16/2006, Friday
1052A Few Interests6/17/2006, Saturday
1053Perhaps He Is6/18/2006, Sunday
1054Team Balls6/19/2006, Monday
1055World Cup Chlamydia6/20/2006, Tuesday
1056Hup Holland Hup6/21/2006, Wednesday
1057Your Favorite Player6/22/2006, Thursday
1058The World Cube6/23/2006, Friday
1059A Box Big Enough6/24/2006, Saturday
1060Didn't Unpack6/25/2006, Sunday
1061Defeatist7/5/2006, Wednesday
1062The Year 20007/6/2006, Thursday
1063Delicious Photons7/7/2006, Friday
1064One and One Hundred7/8/2006, Saturday
1065Steal Their Wallets7/9/2006, Sunday
1066Pretty Needle-Like7/10/2006, Monday
1067Luke and I7/11/2006, Tuesday
1068For Five Dollars7/12/2006, Wednesday
1069I'd Get It7/13/2006, Thursday
1070That Fat Kid7/14/2006, Friday
1071After Are7/15/2006, Saturday
1072Another Chump7/18/2006, Tuesday
1073Clever Ruse7/21/2006, Friday
1074Wrong Very Wrong7/27/2006, Thursday
Familiar Circle
1Saccharine4/17/2003, Thursday
2Smarmy4/17/2003, Thursday
3Scrumptious4/18/2003, Friday
4Sisyphus4/18/2003, Friday
5Subversive7/31/2003, Thursday
6Sterling8/25/2003, Monday
7Sequential8/26/2003, Tuesday
8Superceded8/27/2003, Wednesday
9Supernova8/28/2003, Thursday
10Swampy8/29/2003, Friday
11Spirited8/30/2003, Saturday
12Surely8/31/2003, Sunday
13Sordid9/1/2003, Monday
14Syphilis10/27/2003, Monday
15Swanky11/26/2003, Wednesday
16Schadenfreude1/1/2005, Saturday
17Silent2/1/2005, Tuesday
18Sacrilege3/1/2005, Tuesday
19Scam4/2/2005, Saturday
20Succotash5/1/2005, Sunday
21Sweltering6/1/2005, Wednesday
22Saltpeter7/1/2005, Friday
23Shafted8/2/2005, Tuesday
24Squalls9/1/2005, Thursday
25Scary!10/1/2005, Saturday
26Season11/1/2005, Tuesday
27Swashbuckling12/1/2005, Thursday
28Senescence11/9/2011, Wednesday
1Exhibit A10/11/2004, Monday
2Exhibit B10/12/2004, Tuesday
3Exhibit C10/13/2004, Wednesday
4Exhibit D10/14/2004, Thursday
5Exhibit E10/15/2004, Friday
6Exhibit F10/18/2004, Monday
7Exhibit G10/19/2004, Tuesday
8Exhibit H10/20/2004, Wednesday
9Exhibit I10/21/2004, Thursday
10Exhibit J10/22/2004, Friday
11Exhibit K3/21/2005, Monday
12Exhibit L3/22/2005, Tuesday
13Exhibit M3/23/2005, Wednesday
14Exhibit N3/24/2005, Thursday
15Exhibit O3/25/2005, Friday
16Exhibit P12/23/2005, Friday
17Exhibit Q12/24/2005, Saturday
18Exhibit R12/25/2005, Sunday
19Exhibit S12/26/2005, Monday
20Exhibit T12/27/2005, Tuesday
Single-Shot Revolver
1Single-Shot Revolver: When Rocks Dream2/1/2002, Friday
2Single-Shot Revolver: My Day2/2/2002, Saturday
3Single-Shot Revolver: The Taking Tree8/7/2003, Thursday
4The Devil's Modem2/24/2006, Friday
5Self-Deprecating Humor3/17/2006, Friday
6Happy Easter4/16/2006, Sunday
7Sundowners4/22/2006, Saturday
Zany Political Cartoon
1Trapped in Political Cartoon Factory -- Send Help2/15/2004, Sunday
2Tin Pot Economics2/16/2004, Monday
3Third One2/17/2004, Tuesday
4The Dictatinator3/4/2004, Thursday
5When the Process Goes Too Far3/5/2004, Friday
6It It It It I'm Not Quite3/6/2004, Saturday
7It's a Wonderfilled Park3/13/2004, Saturday
8The Crux of the Bladder1/15/2005, Saturday
9Days of Beads and Roses2/15/2005, Tuesday
10Jam with the Bland3/15/2005, Tuesday
11Temporary Title4/15/2005, Friday
12The Wounds of Change5/15/2005, Sunday
13Just Beat It6/16/2005, Thursday
14On Tuesdays I Can't Feel My Butt7/15/2005, Friday
15Once Upon a Time I Was Following a Dove8/27/2005, Saturday
16People in Stone Houses Should Not Throw Glass9/15/2005, Thursday
17Cold Fish Is a Dish Best Served Cold10/15/2005, Saturday
18Forks, Spoons, and Glory11/15/2005, Tuesday
19Feliz Gravitas12/15/2005, Thursday