Story Title (number of strips)Description
When the strip was little (14)This is where it began. I was looking to emulate Pokey the Penguin at first, then eventally longed for better art and a larger format. Back then, each strip was independent, and I never intended Pokey the Cactus to become a regular cast member. I'm actually not sure when I made that decision.
Road Movie to Barstow (18)Our boys are mysteriously left in Barstow, bused to New York, and dropped out of a hijacked plane, only to wind up back where they started. It takes a little Jimmy Magic to get out.
If Their Comics Were As Crappy As This Comic Week (7)Are they parodies? Are they satires? Are they tributes? Fun stuff.
The Circle of Confusion (15)Hoo boy, what a doozy this storyline was. I came pretty close on a couple of occasions to killing the comic. Luckily, I had a nice fat backlog. Unfortunately, the backlogs tended to come from days I was feeling less than cheerful. Beware!
Nothing to be Ashamed of (10)Pokey has an embarrassing secret and won't let Fred and Jimmy into the room to help him work things out.
I Fall upon the Thorns of Life (25)Our main characters build a float for the Rose Bowl Parade to fight off Winter Break Boredom.
Driving Miss Crazy or Welcome to Justfriendsville, Population: Me (21)Jimmy is doing a fine job of teaching Fred how to drive, but something happens and the pair is thrown into Justfriendsville! Now it's up to Fred to figure out how to escape.
Welcome to Justfriendsville (Reprise) (9)Jimmy screws up and almost lands himself back in Justfriendsville.
XFL: The Plot from Nowhere (24)Jimmy, Fred, and Pokey try to join the XFL training camp, while Marie and Little Girl try to find a place in the XFL for themselves.
The Road to 250 (69)This is the one where I sat down and drew 69 strips in eight hours. It was pure insanity, and it resulted in a few actual plotlines!
If Their Comics Were As Crappy As This Comic Week #2 (7)Remember back at the end of the last ITCWACATC Week when I said, "Here, to close the first ITCWACATC Week?" Well, I meant it. Here's week number two!
The Road to 250 Movie (25)This storyline both takes its time and gets right to the good stuff. I really hope you enjoy it, as it ended up being the bulk of The Road to 250. Fred and Jimmy decide to make a movie, but due to a clever plot device (ha) the movie ends up being about the comic.
The Drops of Life (59)It's summer vacation. Fred and Jimmy go to summer school, Marie looks for a job, Pokey goes on a quest to revive Little Girl's mom, and Little Girl herself tries to get some attention. Events conspire to bring the whole shebang crashing together at the end.
Of Clear Skies and Cloudy Minds (45)Springtime hits our characters below the belt. Little Girl has a problem with allergies. Jimmy sets out to put Marie behind him. The story starts to sag in the middle and then reaches a forward-facing ending.
You're Camping My Style (29)The crew goes out camping, but some ingenious driving on Jimmy's part sends the trip into a tailspin.
The Final Countdown (13)Jimmy knuckles down for finals, but things keep getting in the way.
This Could Be Trouble (27)Jimmy decides to quit school, and the ramifications ripple across all the characters' lives, including one we haven't seen in a while.
The Road Less Ravelled (50)The gang, sorely needing time away from their everyday routine, hits the road. Meanwhile, Little Girl devises a plan to keep people from ignoring her.
If Their Comics Were As Crappy As This Comic Week #3 (7)ITCWACATC Week returns!
What We Do (58)Various forces tug on our characters, pulling them away from each other. Each has issues of identity.