What We Do
Various forces tug on our characters, pulling them away from each other. Each has issues of identity.
Gun Heart
Tang Before the Gang
That Lasagne
Not Even Noon
Sarah Jessica Parker
Looking To Swing
Show You Guts
Can't Lift 350
Little French Maids
All-Natural Skylight
No Back Door
I Kinda Like
Electrical Fires
Jerk Peers
Our New Joke
Something Useful
Production Tech
Fresh Faces
Less You Think
Eleven-Month Deal
Tiny Paper Packets
Minerals in Packets
Waste of Atoms
Botanical Gardens
Pitiful Root Network
Blair Witch 2 Sucks
Yes Likely No
Salted the Toilet
Right in My Pot
Wither and Die
Jerk's Stupid Ball
Poetic Word Problems
The Personals Section
Such Fulfillment
Valuable Information
The Last Word
Nothing Forever
Cactus with a Daughter
Mission Is Clear
Why You Phrased It
Violent Academic Fraud
Died Yesterday
Delightful Individuals
Supposed To Save
Did the Opposite
Massive Ear Infection
Just Go Outside
Empty Tiny Paper Packets
Feeling Betrayed
Sweet Home
At Work and Play
Crystal Pepsi
Trade Body Fluids
Associate with Traitors
Can't Be More
Hanging Around
What We Do
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