About This Site

"Three stick figures and a few cacti. Life gets no better."

ACCS started June 1, 2000, and began its first daily run September 4, 2000. That run started with repeats, however, gearing up for the first official daily strip, which went up September 18, 2000. It enjoyed a sputtering run until late June, 2001, when it fizzled out for reasons I no longer remember. Its current run started on August 1, 2003, with a strip that was drawn nearly eight months earlier. The original update time was 9:00 P.M. Pacific, but now it updates at midnight.

ACCS Characters

Fred tends to stand on the left side of panels. He overthinks life, and makes himself angry while doing so. Jimmy usually stakes his claim on the right half of the panel. Ignorance is bliss, and thus Jimmy is happy a lot of the time. Pokey, named after Pokey the Penguin, and not named after Pokey the Cactus from Super Mario Bros., is a cactus from Barstow. The flower pot he sits in somehow lets him move around. Little Girl's name also derives from Pokey the Penguin. She seems to have budded from Pokey, which is odd, seeing as he is male and she is not. She was born with branches, which is very unlikely, so I left them off when she was reborn. (Pokey and Little Girl are saguaro cacti, which normally do not branch until later in life.) Marie was a classmate of Jimmy's. I originally wrote her into a strip that I deemed too racy to publish, but I ended up using the joke anyway. She's left the comic, since Jimmy wants nothing to do with her. The Elephant started as a one-time gag, but became a regular when Little Girl needed a comedic foil. He's extremely stupid and forgetful. Crystal entered the comic as a throwaway character but, like the elephant, has since been made a regular.

I hate Family Circus. This is a pretty obvious parody, right down to the character named Billy. In all, there appear to be three characters: The spiky haired girl, the pear-shaped Billy, and an impish younger sibling. While I draw ACCS in MS Paint, I create Familiar Circle strips using GIMP.

SSR came about because I wanted to make some hack fan strips for College Roomies from Hell!!! I wanted to draw free-standing panels, but also wanted them to have a name. It will serve as an area where I can draw a strip with random characters and drawing style.

Mustang Daily, Cal Poly's student-run newspaper, ran an ad searching for cartoonists. I whipped up this wacky idea on an unused page in my English/Operating Systems binder. I thought a few of them were pretty funny, and felt that the underlying political message came off as caricatured and off-beat enough not to resemble a crappy, editorial-page cartoon. I especially like the last line that R says in this strip. He implies that, instead of correcting the Hippie's hygiene problem, they're just going to plug their noses. The crack staff at the Mustang Daily (motto: "Now with 200% more derision for reading our paper!") felt otherwise, and rejected me without a clear reason.

In actuality, the reason they gave was that they weren't looking for a comic-style strip. My guess is that they didn't want panels. Three days later, they printed, you guessed it, a comic-style strip. They did the same the next day. Now they aren't replying to my asking what's up. The man always keeps me down.

Not Another Crappy Web Comic sucks. Nuff said. In these strips, I take an NACWC original and change the dialog--nothing else.