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Strip #907 (Thursday, January 19, 2006): "Waste of Atoms"

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Pokey was going to shoot down the idea of building model rockets "because aerospace engineering is for dorks," but I decided against it for some reason.

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Nine Hundred Strips?

How does one draw nine hundred strips, then draw an original ninehundred-and-first strip? I don't know, because I've never drawn this many strips before, but I'd like to try. You might notice the characters acting a little differently from how thay've acted in the past. I'll try to keep them consistent with themselves from this point onward (as opposed to keeping them consistent with their counterparts from 2001). I'll also try to step up the quality of my writing, to make things more interesting. Keep your eyes peeled for little glimpses of character development.

Also, and I can't stress this enough, please tell your friends about this comic. I'd like more readers, but advertising this site traditionally fails. Tell your friends to read one of the more recent stories, especially "The Drops of Life," which remains my favorite. The more people that read, the more motivation I'll have, and the better the comic will be.

But above all else, don't you stop reading.


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