The Road Less Ravelled
The gang, sorely needing time away from their everyday routine, hits the road. Meanwhile, Little Girl devises a plan to keep people from ignoring her.
Shit No
Back East Somewhere
My Proverbial Thumb
Two Lanes of Monotony
Reach My Butt
First Few Legs
One Bland Hour
ITCWACATC: Crappy Jumble
ITCWACATC: Crappy Blues
ITCWACATC: An Even Crappier Comic Strip
ITCWACATC: Zitcraps Or Something
ITCWACATC: For Better Or For Crap
ITCWACATC: Mary Worthless Piece of Crap 3
The Road Is Overrated
Any Good Books
Something Valuable
You'll Get Yours
Sure Thing
This Is Barstow
Trying to Accomplish
Laughing Time
A Special Message
Temporarily Deaf
Horrible Machine
Swamp Gas
Cartography Class
Newfound Bigness
Extreme Smarts
Peanut Butter Fountain
AdCouncil Jerks
What a Plan
Bingo Bitches
I Start Killing
Large Avian Creature
Slice of Bread
No Finals
Terribly Obvious
Smartness Radiation
Concerning Perspective
Back to Normal Smarts
My Pills Silly
You Drive a Stick-Shift
The Bathroom Rug
Sunstroke Maybe
Sweet Carbon Dioxide
Alone in the House
Abundant Humidity
Your Water Better
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