Of Clear Skies and Cloudy Minds
Springtime hits our characters below the belt. Little Girl has a problem with allergies. Jimmy sets out to put Marie behind him. The story starts to sag in the middle and then reaches a forward-facing ending.
Dump Him Again
Can Still Dig
Grow Wings and Fly
Self-Esteem and Confidence
What a Season
Extra Chromosome
Sexy Wrath
Move By Farting
Poking You Along
Fruit Smoothie
Losing Sight
A Lone Voice
A Strip
Speeding Horse Trailer
The Goddamn Fast Lane
Zoop! Sucker!
Asking a Weedwhacker
Bag o' Poop
The Real Fertilizer
Not Messing Around
Currently Resolving
Get More Lax
The Bottom of the Barrel
CompSci Hopefuls
Cramping My Style
Shizzle Woo
Worst Tour Guide
Blissfully Ignorant Spirit
One Possible Explanation
Wait for It
Drink Some Water
Stupid Pickle Jar
Ass and Mind
Delicate Chemicals
Hapless Girl's Panties
Gross Misconfiguration
Super-Angry Nutcase
Being Such An Idiot
Interesting Characters
Extracurricular Activity
Fred Crystal Crystal Fred
Rage Gland
Captain Interjection
Platform Preferences
What a Season 2
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