The Drops of Life
It's summer vacation. Fred and Jimmy go to summer school, Marie looks for a job, Pokey goes on a quest to revive Little Girl's mom, and Little Girl herself tries to get some attention. Events conspire to bring the whole shebang crashing together at the end.
Some Television
More Wasting
The Spirit
Daddy's Busy
Real Classy
Months of Slacking
The American Dream
Drop That List
Recruitment Letters
Frozen Dog Turd
Raunchy McPervmo
Horrible Slogan
Something's Fishy
Hot Mamas
Never Gets Old
Back on Top
A Simple Message
Lucrative Licensing Agreement
Obscure Reference
May Be a Myth
Stupid Uterus
Mr. Sassypants
A Better Understanding
Worst Elephant Ever
Some Confusion
Overall Hassle
Some Crazy Country
Scientific Progress
Places Unknown
Barren Desert
Cool Spring Water
Rocked That Quiz
Phallic Mountain
Sounds Illegal
Summer of Whoring
Have a Sip
The Classics
Precious Secret
Forgetting Something
Out of the City
The Airport
Take Her Heart
Some Potted Cactus
A Talking Cactus
Save Her
Saguaro Fury
Classic Case
This Whole Ordeal
Able to Rest
Can't Compare
Cacti Don't Molt
Return to the Ground
Not Coming Back
Live for You
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