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Strip #345 (Friday, October 31, 2003): "Solid Detective Work"

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After looking back at this strip, I noticed that Jimmy is wasting the first panel reminding us what happened yesterday, as many print comics do. Thankfully, Fred makes fun of him for doing it.

Categories: [Dangling Punchline]

New Voting Scheme

Since putting up an ad on the Something Awful forums, I've discovered how vulnerable the ratings are to people voting extremely low on strips that have a respectable rating. For that reason, I changed how votes are counted. On strips with a rating over seven, really low votes count as one quarter of a vote. On strips with a rating below seven, they are counted as normal, whole votes.

This may seem unfair, but I'm tired of seeing three or four people voting above seven and then having some wise guy barge in, vote one, and kill the rating. Now "good" strips should be able to survive such antics. I'll change it back if it doesn't work out. Thanks for voting!

New Familiar Circle

There was a new Familiar Circle strip on Monday. See it here.

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