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Strip #7 (Saturday, March 13, 2004): "It's a Wonderfilled Park"

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Too subtle?


New Zany Political Cartoon

It's Saturday again, and that means I may or may not have successfully cranked out a new Zany Political Cartoon!

Also, I've got a story idea sloshing around for ACCS, so keep reading! Get your friends to read! Print out strips and put them on the wall! I need more readers! More readers means more sense of self-worth in these trying times! MORE MORE MORE!

Or else.

Welcome back to Justfriendsville

It's like I never left. You see, as of late Wednesday, I am single. As a result, I don't/didn't feel like drawing a strip for Thursday. Here's hoping I bounce back and get back to the catharsis that is copying and pasting the same characters over and over.

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