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Strip #719 (Tuesday, June 28, 2005): "What a Plan"

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Categories: [Quiet, You] Story: [The Road Less Ravelled]

Digitally Remastered!

Hi everybody. New developments in patience have allowed me to start plowing through the ACCS archive and start clearing up the text. You can really tell in the early strips (before I started to get the hang of things), but, in general, the changes should make older strips easier on the eyes. If some images turn up broken, check back in a few minutes, as I'm moving stuff around.

In case you were wondering, strips starting with #335, "My Skin Is Bug-Free!," had text written with anti-aliasing turned off, making the letters a little blockier but cutting down on file sizes (in wordy strips, by a ton).

Anyway, so far I've gotten 120/334 strips finished. I'll keep this news post up to date. Keep your eye on it, cause something zany will happen once I get all 334 strips done. Just you wait!

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