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Strip #276 (Tuesday, August 5, 2003): "Real Classy"

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There's a new Familiar Circle strip up right now!

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I hacked together some simple voting and ranking code. You should see under every strip an option to give a ranking from 1 to 10. Also, at the top of the front page, you should see a link to the Ranking page. Let me know if it isn't working correctly.

I changed my code a little bit. Now the front page's strip shows the actual date the strip went up, instead of the current date. Turns out, I had it showing the current date so that today's news items would appear on the front page, regardless of when the strip went up. Now it's fixed so that the strip date is correct and the news is current.

News items, by the way, will appear in the archive if the strip's date falls within the range of dates that the news item was initially up. Yes, it's confusing, so I might change some more stuff around and make each news item show its start and end dates.

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