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Strip #465 (Monday, May 10, 2004): "Gross Misconfiguration"

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I used Jimmy's excuse (just the "gross misconfiguration" part) when my Operating Systems professor asked me why I missed lecture. The real reason was that I hit snooze once too many and decided class wasn't worth the rush.


Wildflower Pictures and MP3s

I didn't want to post a link to these cause I didn't want Kelly to think I had some huge orgy or anything. Apparently, she saw them and thinks that anyway, so I may as well put up an actual link to my pictures from Wildflower, if only to point out that the MP3s are up also.

Also, in case some of you were concerned with my calling every girl in every picture a skank, a slut, or a bitch, rest assured that such terminology was just standard operating procedure for Wildflower. I'm sure all those sluts are the pristine embodiment of humility and spiritual cleanliness.

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