A gun is somehow involved
We've Got Our Lives
Damn Force Beams
End of the Ballgame
Just a Dream
Worse Art
Streak Party 2001
All Your Base
ITCWACATC: Garfred 2
One Clear Shot
Great Prop
Barren Desert
Too Quiet
Shizzle Woo
Shoot It and Go
A Little Bit Off
Quite a Blast
Out of My Face
Inferior to Mascara
Moment to Myself
Chill Pill
Call It Even
Go Time
Remember Going Nuts
Little Girl's Mom's Name
Glorious Day
Just Stop
What Chick
About Enrolling
Sure Thing
Laughing Time
Sweet Carbon Dioxide
Community Outreach
Old Man Grimbley's
That Quarterback
Acts Together
Gun Heart
Back to Normal
To My Grave
Wrong Pops
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